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The City is taking necessary precautionary measures to contain the widespread nature of this virus in line with the State of California. Thank you for doing your part in keeping our community safe. We appreciate all of your efforts. 

stop covid 19Our goal is to work with County Health Officials at the San Benito County Health Department to control the community spread of the COVID-19; maintain essential City services, maintain fiscal accountability for COVID-19 response, and maintain open, transparent, and timely communication with the community.

To locate the nearest vaccine/booster available check the State of California's Covid19 website:

We have heard from many community members asking this question and of course, our greatest concern are our most vulnerable.  Reaching out to the seniors in your neighborhood would help us stay healthy together.  Volunteer with one of the many critical non-profit organizations.  Jovenes De Antano is a good place to start:

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On Friday, December 18, 2020 the City Council passed Urgency Ordinance 2020-04 adding "COVID-19 requirements and remedies" to the San Juan Bautista Municipal Code at Title 5, Chapter 5-34 and adopting requirements for Face Coverings and the California Department of Public Health's guidance for the use of face coverings to be enforceable by administrative citation and adopting regional stay at home orders and declaring violations of the regional stay at home orders to be a public nuisance subject to fine or revocation of Business License.

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City Council

The City Council met Tuesday December 21, 2021 to continue their original issuance on March 17, 2020 declaring a State of Emergency in the City.   City Council meetings will occur remotely via Zoom until further notice.  Stay in touch with us to learn how the community can also participate remotely.

By declaring a “State of Emergency” the City becomes eligible for State and Federal assistance.  It is also in position to respond more rapidly to urgent situations by re-assigning duties at City Hall as needed, and hire contractual services with less red-tape.

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City Manager’s Office (831) 623-4661 extension 14

City Hall is open 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Monday through Friday

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Fire Department

The Fire Department remains open and staffed with three firefighters to continue the uninterrupted protection of the community.

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Public Safety

The Sheriff remains the City’s first point of contact for public safety, supported by private security in the evenings and through the night.  Code Enforcement has been increased and is now available on the weekend.

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Water and Waste Water

The City’s licensed water distributors and waste water treatment operators are on-duty making certain the City’s systems are operating at 100%.  Water quality testing occurs weekly as always, to assure its continued healthy status.  Water bills have to be paid on-line, or by dropping payments into the box at City Hall.  No face-to-face payments can be processed during this emergency. You can send credit card payments securely through our online portal.

We ask that anyone struggling to pay their water bill contact us so that we can work out a payment schedule with you. All fines and late fees are waived throughout the State of Emergency. Contact City Hall at 1-831-623-4661 for more information.

Public assistance is available through a representative will be available at the Library on Thursday January 6 between 11 am and 1 pm.

cosb utility assistance eng

cosb utility assistance esp

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Relief Efforts

Because of the Emergency declaration both locally and at the County level, business owners are eligible for assistance from the small Business Administration.  The Economic Development Corporation of San Benito County is taking the lead on this effort.

As programs for residents become available, City staff will work to be certain that everyone is aware of these opportunities.  Programs to increase or provide sick-pay, increase unemployment benefits, and rent and utility assistance are all part of these generous State and Federal programs.  Please check in with this web-site for further details about how to apply for and receive these benefits.

Weekly food distribution boxes are available on a first come first serve basis every Friday at the Soccer Field. Volunteers are generally available at the soccer field between 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. every Friday.


Below are several links in both Spanish and English that are targeting the community, and how each of us should respond to this emergency. Shelter in place unless yours is a critical business.  Reach out for services and meal delivery if needed.  Keep up to date on the most recent news.  This ride may last several months.  Be prepared but do not hoard.