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Town Hall meeting presented on YouTube (49 minutes) from October 7, 2021
Town Hall meeting Live on Zoom at 6pm, Discussing Rate Increase, from July 19, 2022 Webinar 846 8135 7450.

    Quarter Report SR 4.18.23
    San Juan Bautista Compliance Project 2022- Quarter Report Status Report Approve Plans and Specifications and Issuance of the Invitation to Bid for Sanitary Sewer Force Main to Hollister
Request for Bids Forcemain Specifications Forcemain BId Forcemain Plans
Request for Bids for Sanitary Sewer Force Main to Hollister Contract Documents and Specifications for Sanitary Sewer Force Main to Hollister Plans: Sanitary Sewer Force Main to Hollister Bid Set Reference Plans: Sanitary Sewer Force Main to Hollister 
rfp wastewater USDA Letter of Conditions Obligation of funds wastewater installment sale agreement
Request for Proposals
Interim Wastewater Financing
USDA Letter
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USDA Obligation
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2015 Wastewater Installment Sale Agreement
  PR 10.25.2022 ORD 2022-03 SR intro increasing water rates
  Press Release- New Water Rates Ordinance 2022-03 Status Report Water Memo
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Proposed Rate Increase
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Prop 218 Notice - English Resolution 2022-38 Sewer Rate Study
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Frequently Asked Questions (4 pages)
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Sanitary Sewer Force Main Environmental Document Revised Rate Tables
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21-53 sewer rate studay final report 101321 slides prop 218
Resolution 2021-53 Sewer Rate Study
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WWMP Amendment 1 Draft 2021 August WWMP 2020 Nov Final WMP Amendment 1 Draft 2021 August WMP Final
Wastewater Amendment One 106 Pages Waste Water Master Plan
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Water Master Plan
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RFP for Sewer Main Line San Juan Bautista to Hollister and Addendum 1 and Addendum 2  
In February 2021, the City and San Benito County Water District (SBCWD) began designing the two EPA Compliance Projects agreed upon in October 2020 (see below). The City is designing the Force Main to Hollister for wastewater. This will allow it to close its wastewater treatment plant. The SBCWD is designing the drinking water line from West Hills Treatment Plant to the City. This surface water will greatly reduce the need for water softeners. Two Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) are being executed by the three agencies to make this happen. The target completion date is December 2023.

In August, the City will be completing its rate study to better understand how the rate payers will contribute to resolving the City's water issues. Two Town Hall meetings are planned for this public conversations (details coming soon!).

At the same time, the City retained the services of a professional grant writing firm to help the City get grant funding to reduce this impact. Already the City has focused on more than $4 million grant funds to help out.

San Benito County Water District (SBCWD) MOU

Hollister MOU draft (approved by San Juan Bautista, pending approval from Hollister)


The City of San Juan Bautista hosted a Town Hall Meeting about choosing the best solution to the City’s water issues. The Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday, October 6th was held via  Zoom. At its October 13, 2020 meeting, the City Council was asked to make serious decisions about both the water and waste water systems. Projects to fix the issues with these systems are being evaluated, and the final decisions have to be submitted to state and federal regulators by October 15, 2020. To learn more about the Town Hall meeting, go to the City’s website at

Agenda for Town Hall click here

Slide Presentation (29 pages)

Link to Town Hall Zoom Recording on Youtube

A survey was mailed to all households at the end of last week (9/26/2020). Please complete the survey and mail it in the enclosed pre-stamped envelope as soon as possible.  You can find a copy of the letter here and aqui. If you require a new copy of your survey please contact City Hall at 1-831-623-4661. Each survey has its own unique ID so that non-respondents can be called for their response prior to the City submitting the State paperwork.

The third-party research group, Applied Survey Research (ASR), has been contracted to process surveys and submission to the Central Coast Water Board. Individual responses will be confidential however a summary of the data will be shared with the Central Coast Water Board in order to assist the City in demonstrating that it has a financial hardship. If the City can demonstrate that it has financial hardship then there will be different opportunities for the City to address its violations.


Below is a link to the draft Master Plans for water and waste water.  In addition to the assessment of the current systems, it includes an analysis of the system's ability to grow as described in the General Plan.  The back sections include a matrix that will be the path forward for our capital improvements. 
The Waste Water Master Plan includes the 80-page Preliminary Engineer's Report (PER)  that describes potential projects to address the concerns from the EPA and the Water Board.  This version includes information added after the Earthbound (Taylor) Farms conversation we had a few months ago.  After discussing it with the USDA, we might be splitting the PER into two grant (45%) and loan (55%) applications; one for water source, and one for the waste water project.

Water and Wastewater Master Plans Powerpoint Presentation from Special City Council Meeting on September 8, 2020.

San Juan Bautista, Potable Water Source Control and WWTP Improvements  Preliminary Engineering Report (updated in 2021, as Appendix A of the Master Plan)


United States Environmental Protection Agency Administrative Order on Consent Docket No. CWA-309(a)-20-007, Exhibit 1 and Exhibit 2


2019 Consumer Confidence Report dated June 24, 2020, revised February 2020


Water Meter and Billing Update - FY 2020/2021


Existing Water Reports Page on our website


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