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“The City Manager shall be responsible for the efficient administration of all the affairs of the City which are under his/her control. The City Manager shall have the power and authority to properly perform any duty assigned to him/her by the City Council or by other process of law.” – SJBMC Chapter 2-2

Recent News:
The City completed its 2020 strategic planning efforts, and the report and slide show below summarize these results.  Preserving and celebrating our small historic village is the top vote recipient, followed by the need to address water and infrastructure issues.  The budget for the fiscal year has been pushed to September, and during August the draft will be ready for circulation.  Help us make sure we put what few resources we have toward the furtherance of  these community driven strategies!

Strategic Planning Report

Strategic Planning Slide Show

The transformation of Third Street
By Don Reynolds, City Manager for the July issue  of Mission Village Voice

Hang on everybody ‘cuz here we go! It is a good thing I am an “adrenaline junkie,” and I enjoyed mountain biking with my teenager on Father’s Day. These practical experiences get me ready to be a City Manager. July 2nd marks my first year. I’m sure glad we got a hot tub for Christmas. No single day has been boring.

A COVID-19 business plan can eliminate up to 75% of a business floor plan for operating space. That’s like a tractor running on 2 cylinders. As I write this article, we are teaching old drivers new tricks as everyone adapts to the change in traffic flow to one lane, one way, westward down the middle. By the end of the week, we will have wine barrels closing the single lane, decorated in lights and succulents. We can add back up to 360 square feet of floor space by making these changes. Third Street is climbing back into business. This is like a flower starting to blossom. We have waited three long months, and the team of residents, volunteers, business & property owners, the Mission, the State Park, and the City have all worked tirelessly together to make this happen. I call it the Transformation of Third Street.

What began as a simple discussion In March from the City Council led to the hiring of Lizz Turner, Community Liaison; the formation of the Business Forums on Wednesdays at 9; and to the closing of one lane of traffic approved May 19. In one month, the City Council approved a traffic plan donated by Traffic Engineer Keith Higgins, and Temporary “Parklet” Design Guidelines were approved by the Historic Resources Board on Thursday, June 18. Promotional materials from the San Juan Committee hit the regional target and ever since Memorial Day, our weekends have been hopping. Now we have somewhere to put our treasured tourists. We have been smart and played well together in the sandbox.

Now we have to sustain the “smart” part.

We cannot let our guard down.

It was helpful that on June 22, 2020, the State approved mandatory face coverings, and we can gently enforce this when visitors come from abroad.

We have to maintain safe practices and respect the space of others.

Today we have more Californians hospitalized due to COVID-19 than in our pandemic history.

We have to stay on the safe course.

Assuming the State allows us to remain open, we hope to see everyone downtown on Third Street! We are planning a ribbon cutting July 11. More to follow. Come witness the Transformation & be a part of the history that the “City of History” is so proud of!