Water Quality News 5/7/2019

San Juan Bautista Water 'runs clear'

We are pleased to announce that one of the City's two new wells, Well #6, is now fully operational and has been supplementing the City water supply since May 4. As a result, the reservoir tank (at the top of Lasuen Drive) has been filled providing an extra measure of fire protection and increasing the water pressure available at your tap.

The water from Well #6 meets or exceeds all State and Federal water quality standards.

Other work continues to put Well #5 on line. That will require the use of special filters to remove iron and manganese from that source of supply. We anticipate that the additional work will be complete by the end of May. Because Well #6 was not yet on line, it was necessary to run Well #5 for a few days last month to meet system demand. That was the source of discoloration in the water. Since then, the City has also flushed most of the old water mains, and the water being delivered now "runs clear."

Ed Tewes
Interim City Manager

IMG_3004        Well 5 2