City Beat July 2022

By Don Reynolds, City Manager
As published in the July issue of the Mission Village Voice

Yes, it is July. If you are reading this “hot-off-the press” – do not ignite that firework!!!

The City Council has voted to allow the sale of fireworks for one more year. In 2023, it will be illegal to sell or ignite fireworks in our City.

But for this year, the sale of “Safe and Sane” Fireworks is legal, but they can only be ignited on the 4th of July, from 4PM to 10 PM. Any other use or sale is prohibited and will be enforced with hefty fines starting at $1,000 for the first offense. You are now informed!

We are in a drought. Several grass fires in our County have already been extinguished. This will be a busy fire season, extended by several months of drought. Let’s work together as a united community, and help us all stay fire-safe.

Speaking of drought, please restrict your use of irrigation water, watering only on Mondays and Thursdays before 9 AM or after 5 PM. If you see someone watering off-hours, please let us know at City Hall 831.623.4661. I have to admit, the City is still adjusting its valves, so let us know if we especially are out of line!

Learning to conserve water is very practical right now. The City is considering a water use rate increase at its public hearing, July 19, 2022, live at 6 PM in the City Council Chambers. Will the City import fresh drinking water to blend with its ground water? Reducing salts and hardness in the water by using 65% surface water/ 35% ground water blend? To accomplish this task, the City needs to increase the rates 14% over four years. It is a “quality of life” issue. Making this final change will forever change the quality of water in our city and greatly improve the resiliency and sustainability of its water supply through drought and other emergencies. “Hard” decisions like this, made today in this direction, will serve our community for generations to come. It’s time for our drinking water to get softer, without the use of water softeners.

The City adopted its new budget June 14, are we are growing a new Community Services (recreation program). The City approved a new Joint Use Agreement with the School District, eliminating the need for 5th graders to jump the 8-foot chain link fence this summer at San Juan Elementary School! Well, at least by the end of summer, the City and School District will install new fencing that allows access to the playground and basketball courts during non-school hours – (after school, during the summer and holidays). The Community Hall will also be acoustically updated this summer. The City budgeted staff to support these uses, as we move in a new direction for our youth and seniors.

The City also has ambitious street improvement plans, with over $1 million budgeted for 11 different projects.

I am truly excited about our new fiscal year starting July 1, 2022. We have places to go this year. Come join us!