The City's New Capability to Better Enforce Parking in the City

The City hired a new private Security company in June, and part of their duties includes parking enforcement. In the past week, the City has received several questions about parking. Parking laws can be found at this link:

At the City’s website, the latest adopted changes to the parking codes are provided in an ordinance that goes into effect 30 days from October 18, 2022. It will be illegal to block sidewalks and driveways. The Council is considering a modification to the RV parking requirements but has not acted yet. That draft ordinance is also on the City’s Website.

If you receive a parking citation and do not agree that you committed a violation of the parking laws, the back of the citation has a link to a website where you can submit a request for the citation to be reviewed by a hearing officer. If after the initial review, the hearing officer upholds the citation, and you feel strongly that the citation is wrong, you can schedule a hearing. To schedule a hearing, you must pre-pay the fine amount as a deposit, which will be refunded to you if the citation is dismissed. Visit or call 1(800) 969-6158.

Approved Ordinance  
City Council October 18, 2022 Meeting- Item 6D