City Beat January 2023

By Don Reynolds, City Manager
As published in the January issue of the Mission Village Voice

As the City starts a new year, the City Council starts on its new venture, with Councilmembers Morris-Lopez and Sabathia assuming the seats from retiring Councilmembers Edge and Flores.  The City Manager is working for new bosses.  I will be on my best behavior!

After serving the City for three years, I received a very constructive evaluation in November. One recommendation is expanding the City’s communication efforts to include “office hours” for the City Manager. Although the City currently locks its doors after 1 PM each day, staff is working until 5 PM, and gladly accepts a call to make appointments.  I am offering my office hours each Monday and Tuesday before lunch as “office hours” to the community, and to meet by appointment at other times when it works best for everyone. 

My goal is not just more communication, or different types of communication.  My goal is equitable and inclusive communication.  To that end, I am very happy to announce the acceptance of the long-vacant Deputy City Clerk position by Elizabeth “Liz” Soto starting January 9th, 2023.  Liz will head the public information processes for the City, including a new “communication plan” that is being drafting.  The Deputy City Clerk receives public requests for information, press releases, public bidding, and personnel recruitments.  They publish the City Council agenda and meeting notices, as well as taking minutes at these meetings.  Liz will be supported by Office Technician Veronica Munoz-Noriega, who takes care of the web-site and social media.  Three bi-lingual staff will greet the public on the phone and at the front counter.  The City’s work will be more transparent to all.

An absence of information can be as bad as disseminating wrong information.  The New Year’s Resolution for City Hall is better communication.  Happy New Years!