City Beat March 2023

By Don Reynolds, City Manager
As published in the February issue of the Mission Village Voice

“Capital Improvements” are those public construction projects that are “your tax dollars at work.”  They can range from building new sidewalks and new streets, parks, landscaping in public areas, water and sewer systems, stormwater systems, and public buildings. 

A city will often use special funding from a variety of sources (state, federal, grants, etc) to pay for these improvements.  This all part of the annual Capital Improvement Program (“CIP”) budget. Cities try to avoid using their operational funds for these capital improvements. 

Between Fiscal Year 21/22 (July 1- June 30) and Fiscal Year 22/23, the City’s CIP increased from $3.7 million to $22 million dollars.  The increase is due to the newly added sewer project.  The $18 million sewer force-main to Hollister project is beginning in the next few months, and be done by the end of June 2024.

The City has initiated a large street improvement project, with a budget of $1.4 million, improving 1.28 miles of streets (13 -different streets), and associated sidewalks among its 9.85 miles of streets.  The city determines which streets to include by using its “Pavement Management Plan.” It is a study that rates the City road’s Pavement Condition Index (“PCI”).  The current rating is 62/100, and it will improve to 67.5/100.  The project begins with concrete and ends with asphalt.  All trees removed will be replaced. All trees trimmed will be cleaned up by an arborist.

It can take 2-3 years to accumulate enough special funds (like Measure G- a 1 cent sales tax to be used for transportation repairs) to efficiently repair its streets and sidewalks.  Larger projects are more cost effective. It may take another 3-years before the next large project can begin.  Please “pardon the dust” while we build a better city.