Biosolid Removal Project Beginning at the WWTP

Dear Residents of San Juan Bautista,

This is to inform you of a major project happening at the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP). After 30 years of neglect, due to budget constraints, the WWTP will be desludged over the next three to four weeks. Fortunately, due to the influx of sewer connection fees with the new development, we are finally able to invest $500,000 to service our plant, which is now at 90% of capacity. The high levels of sludge are impacting the performance of the plant, increasing the foul smell.

There will be a temporary dewatering operation constructed on the property (open lot) adjacent to the WWTP. During the next four weeks we ask for your patience and understanding regarding noise, smell and truck traffic. Each day there will be five truckloads of dewatered biosolids (aka sludge) hauled from our WWTP to the John Smith Landfill. Fortunately, the sludge transport trucks will be traversing the new development versus going through occupied neighborhoods. Thank you for you patience and support as we address this long overdue critical maintenance. Going forward, the City will be doing this on a weekly or monthly basis as a world-class operation would do.

On behalf of the City, we would like to thank our residents for their patience, Meritage Homes for granting us access through the new unoccupied development and Elite Development for allowing  us to set up our operations on their land.