Water Quality News 4/19/2019

Water Quality News

The problem of nitrates in the City's water supply has been resolved with the development of two new wells. The new Well #5 is adjacent to the new Copperleaf subdivision. Well #6 on Old San Juan Hollister Road was an existing agricultural well that was purchased and is being upgraded. Then why do customers occasionally see brownish color in the water?

The color in the water is from sources which we are addressing. First, Well #5, although compliant with nitrate standards, does have measurable amounts of iron and manganese in the water. Second, when the new wells have to be used, their higher pressure tends to dislodge iron from inside the very old pipes.

The City is installing a special iron/manganese treatment plant on the Well #6 location in order to remove iron from the source of supply. All the City's wells will be routed through the new treatment plant. We anticipate that the installation of the treatment plant and the completion of the Well #6 upgrades will be completed by the end of May 2019. In addition, you may notice water flowing from fire hydrants in order to "flush" the old lines to remove loose material in the water supply lines.

During the winter months we were able to meet the community's water demands with the use of the nitrate-free/iron-free Well #1. However, in recent days higher temperatures have led to higher water usage and it was necessary to turn on Well #5 for a few hours at night. We carefully monitor the water levels in the City's water reservoir and system demand so that we minimize the use of Well #5 until the upgrades are complete by the end of May.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Interim City Manager