By Don Reynolds, City Manager
As published in the February issue of the Mission Village Voice

The City is implementing new programs approved in the budget for Fiscal Year 2023/24. This includes the reorganization of the Public Safety Department and a new recreation program.

The City has recruited a new Recreation Assistant.  This position will establish programs for youth and support seniors.  City facilities are being improved to accommodate these new programs.  Capital improvements of $300,000 are budgeted for Community Hall acoustical repairs, Abbe Field ballfield lights and close to $100,000 to support the historic gas station and Luck Park Master Plan. When combined with the use of the school sports fields and basketball courts, the park at Franklin Circle and Verutti Park, there will be plenty of opportunity for great happenings.

Between 2021 and 2022, the City’s Public Safety Committee met and recommended a Public Safety Initiative to provide a city-wide security camera system.  This matter was before the City Council in September and will be approved and implemented soon.  It will monitor the entrances and exits to the City, and be integrated with law enforcement in other jurisdictions the region.

The City organization study completed last summer recommended a reorganization of the Public Safety Services Department.  This includes ending the Private Security contract for patrol services, and ending the part-time code enforcement position.  These functions are being replaced by two new full-time positions.  A Public Safety Coordinator, to better manage the Sheriff and Fire contracts, and develop new safety programs.  These include a security camera system and animal control contract.  And a Community Services Officer to help with patrol services, parking, and illegal commercial vehicle enforcement. These job descriptions were approved in September, allowing recruitment to begin soon. This reorganization will result in savings to the City, and provide better service.